William Shortpaws, referred more commonly as Grandfather William ("Surestroke" Shortpaws, his golf nickname.) is a mouse that is Geronimo's grandfather, and Geronimo’s boss! He is mean to Geronimo. He loves golf, If he doesn't play a day of golf he will be mad. He founded the Rodent’s Gazette.


  • His last name is Shortpaws rather than Stilton.
    • Which hints he might be Geronimo's maternal grandfather. 
  • He calls himself a "Golf Legend".
  • He says "But since I am William Shortpaws,the golf legend,I guess it would be us." to he's enemies.
  • His favorite grandchild is Thea.

Quotes in GolfEdit

  • "Squeak before you swing!"
  • "Keep your paws on the ground and your snout to the wind!"

Brief Personal Story of GolfEdit

He started playing way back when he was still drinking cheese from a bottle. His perfectly precise swing is the talk of the town. He has won more than fifty matches,twenty of which were on the RGA (Rodent Golf Association) Tour. He even won the New Mouse City Open in 2006. He is currently the president of the New Mouse City Golf Club.

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