Geronimo Stilton
Trap burger
Trap eating a burger.
Vital statistics

Trap Stilton

Gender Male
Species Mouse
First appearance Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
Residence New Mouse City

Trap Stilton is the cousin of Geronimo Stilton. He appears in almost every book, but not all. He is the owner of "Cheap Junk For Less.” He has a lot of friends. It is unknown if he is a part of The Rodent's Gazette.


He has a ring on his right ear. He is like Geronimo's head color,but just rounder. He formerly wears a white shirt with blue pants. Now, he wears a yellow shirt with green on it. He has hair in the back. He is also quite overweight.


  • He an awful joker, and Geronimo does not like him for his jokes.
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