Geronimo Stilton: Paws Off,Cheddarface!" is the sixth book in the series. 
Paws Off,Cheddarface!

Geronimo's 6th book


Geronimo faces off against he's look-alike.

Back of Book:

Holey cheese, it was strange! Rodents keep telling me I'd done things I had no memory of. Was i going crazy? Had the cheese finally slipped off my cracker? No, I soon discovered the truth: There was a Geronimo lookalike going around, pretending to be me! Worst of all, he was trying to take over The Rodents Gazette! I had to get that greedy impostor's paws off my newspaper-but how?

Series Number: 6

Release Date: 2000

Previous Book: Four Mice Deep in the Jungle

Followed By: Red Pizzas for a Blue Count

Characters in this Book: Geronimo Stilton, Old Mouse, Benny Bluewhiskers, Simon Squealer, Samuel Stuffymouse, Ratsy O'Shea,

ISBN: 0-439-55968-5