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Kornelius von Kickpaw aka OOK

Kornelius von Kickpaw or OOK for code name, he is Geronimo's friend from elementary school. He is a secret agent leading dangerous missions throughout the world for the government. 


He always wear a super-accessorized tuxedo and sunglasses, even at night. He is handsome. He has black hair. He has a tie. He doesn't wear shoes.


  • He always finds mysterious and bizarre ways to communicate because he doesn't want his messages intercepted.
  • He is wealthy and loves art and racing cars.
  • He has a sister named Veronica von Kickpaw.
  • He used to protect Geronimo from bullies in school.
  • He is willing to protect Geronimo whenever in danger.
  • Even though Kornelius is a tough mouse, he's a real softy at heart.

Book Appearences Edit

1. Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent

2.The Giant Diamond Robbery

3. Mouse in Space!

4. The Hunt for the Golden Book

5. Magical Mission