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Kornelius von Kickpaw aka OOK

Kornelius von Kickpaw or OOK for code name, he is Geronimo's friend from elementary school. He is a secret agent leading dangerous missions throughout the world for the government. 


He always wear a super-accessorized tuxedo and sunglasses, even at night. He is handsome. He has black hair. He has a tie and wears shiny shoes.


  • He always finds mysterious and bizarre ways to communicate because he doesn't want his messages intercepted.
  • He is wealthy and loves art and racing cars.
  • He has a sister named Veronica von Kickpaw.
  • He used to protect Geronimo from bullies in school.
  • He is willing to protect Geronimo whenever in danger.
  • Even though Kornelius is a tough mouse, he's a real softy at heart.
  • He always wears a trenchcoat with dark sunglasses no matter what the temperature is.

Book Appearences Edit

1. Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent

2.The Giant Diamond Robbery

3. Mouse in Space!

4. The Hunt for the Golden Book

5. Magical Mission

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