Elisabetta Dami was born in 1958,she was the daughter of publisher Piero Dami (founder of Dami Editore in 1972) Elisabetta got her lol start in the world of fiction as a proofreader at the family publishing house. At the age of 18 she began to write her first stories.

She has assisted sick children as a volunteer ever since she was young and this experience led to the idea of writing adventure stories featuring a mouse, Geronimo Stilton, as protagonist. The character became a hit both in Italy and abroad. It is thanks to this success that she is able to continue to help sick, orphaned and abandoned children.


Elisabetta divides her time between Italy and the town of Sedona, Arizona. She likes to travel and undertake adventurous activities and explorations, such as when she travelled around the world on her own at the age of 23. She has climbed Kilimanjaro, done trekking in Nepal, an adventurous journey by sleigh in Lapland, run a 75-mile marathon in the Sahara Desert as well as two New York City marathons, and done parachute jumps. Some years ago she also earned a pilot's license. Other important destinations reached over the years: the cold Alaska, the charming Easter Island, an archaeological tour in Peru and in Egypt and flown to Zambia to visit Abataka Foundation school.


In 1999, Elisabetta Dami began to collaborate with the Piemme publishing house, which, thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of then-owner Pietro Marietti, decided to produce a collection of books telling about the adventures of Geronimo Stilton. Since 2000, when the first story came out, more than 65 million copies have been sold: 20 million in Italy, 45 million in the rest of the world. Intended for children from 5 to 12 years of age, her books have been translated into 35 languages. She has written more than 50 books.

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