Benjamin going to school.

Be​njamin Stilton 
is the nephew of Geronimo Stilton. He loves to go to adventures with Geronimo. He goes to school and likes to do his homework at The Rodent's Gazette. And his Family Geronimo Stilton Thea Stilton Trap Stilton and his best friend Pandora Woz. Except Kensington the tiger he was Growl and jealous. He will have his Revenge to kill Benjamin kensington’s Army of Robots Sarko General of Kensington’s army. They lived on Kinsington’s Island. when Benjamin is brave he will Defeat him of his Destiny.


  • His favorite uncle is Geronimo.
  • Benjamin is 9 years old.
  • He is Geronimo's favorite nephew.
  • He is most likely the son of Trap Stilton. But, it is not mentioned in the books.
  • He is Geronimo Stilton's favorite nephew.
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